About The Artist

Jack‘s been making music since he was 9 years old. He plays guitar, mandolin, violin, ukeklele, harmonica and he also is a fine vocalist.  Raised in the S.F. Bay area he came down here to the southland in 1976 to seek his fame and fortune in Hollywood.  He soon became disenchanted with the Hollywood scene; so he started performing mostly in the Ventura county area. He played in restaurants, clubs, bars, festivals and all sorts of events. He performed as a solo artist and also in duos trios and also many bands. His type of music ranges from Rock, Country, Pop, Folk, Blues and also even old Standards.

In the late 80’s Jack started producing concerts and special events. Ranging from Camarillo Café 1989 to 2009, a private club in Topanga for 15 yrs. Also  4 or 5 concert searies such as The Livery in Ventura. Entertainment coordinator for the Camarillo Fiesta Days for 12 yrs; Relay for Life Cancer event for 6 yrs. and Camarillo Celtic Festival for 5 yrs and also many others.

Producing and coordinating and directing all these events along with his fulltime business career in Real Estate kept him very busy and he started to perform less and less but he missed the personal contact with audiences of actually performing.  So starting in 2007 he began pulling back the rains of producing and directing and wanted to start performing live again, which he is now starting to do again.

Along these lines he felt he wanted to self -produce several albums. Starting in 2009 He went into Rock City Music Studio in Camarillo, Ca and produced 4 albums. The first 2 albums are all just instrumental solo guitar with only Jack playing all the music.  Entitled “INSTRUMENTALLY YOURS”; VOLUME 1,  which has 37 songs mostly light classical and some pop and standards. “INSTRUMENTALLY YOURS”, VOLUME 2  is more contemporary Folk and Traditional music.

  The next 2  albums are vocals with Jack singing and accompanying himself on guitar; but Jack has had the great fortune of acquiring the superb talent of Mr.Jeff Linsky who is an extraordinary guitar virtuoso. Jeff helped to arrange and accompany Jack  on these two albums. The first ”CARRYING THE TORCH” is a compilation of 14 old Pop Standards from the 30’s ,40’s ,50,s such as Stardust…..Twilight Time…..Ain’t misbehaving…..etc.  The second vocal album “VINTAGE” has 13 songs, mostly Standards, but, also a few more contemporary songs like Snowbird…..Mr. Bojangles…..and Sunny.

So now that this 4 year project is completed and Jack has some current albums to sell along with an older album “DON’T QUIT”; he is ready to start performing again in a more serious vein and his fans will be able to take Jack and his music home with them, in the form of his Albums.

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